Heartland Monitor Poll XXIII  / 2nd Quarter 2015

Getting Started

Younger Americans are shifting how they achieve the shared American goals of family, homeownership and career as they face new, evolving challenges. The 23rd Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor Poll explores Americans’ priorities and expectations for their personal finances, education, employment and family life. The poll also takes an in-depth look at Americans’ perceptions about the best “road map” to a successful life and the difference between “younger” Americans who are getting started in life and “older” Americans who have moved past that stage.

% of younger Americans think they have a harder time starting out than previous generations
% of younger Americans say they believe their personal financial situation will be better by this time next year
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The Renewal Series Launches

A new series, which launched in Denver, Colorado on March 11, spotlights local innovators and explores how Americans are using innovation to confront the nation’s most pressing challenges.

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