Welcome to The Heartland Monitor Poll website, sponsored by Allstate and Atlantic Media.

This site is an extension of the Heartland Monitor poll, which aims to bridge the gap between Main Street and Pennsylvania Avenue and show how ordinary Americans are navigating today’s demanding economy. This site is designed to help Americans across the country learn more about their peers’ views on a variety of issues affecting all Americans. It is a portal to view and share experiences, as well as to learn more about different issues across the states.

Since 2009, Allstate and Atlantic Media (formerly with National Journal) have given voice to Americans’ anxieties about the economy and expectations for the future. In that time, we’ve focused on the economic risks and opportunities our country faces; the turbulent times we live in; homeownership and the American dream; debt; retirement; and many other issues important to American families. Recent polls have shifted to explore a variety of topics such as work-life balance; Americans’ attitudes about local innovation; and volunteerism and civic engagement.

Through the research and events held in Washington, D.C. and outside the Beltway, Allstate has engaged with opinion leaders in a constructive dialogue aimed at working toward solutions and continuing Allstate’s legacy of commitment to making lives safer and more secure.

The forum helps to capture and share our research-driven insights and to give voice to Americans’ perceptions and concerns. By convening this dialogue, we hope to facilitate a broader discussion, which goes beyond the numbers to inspire solutions to the economic challenges that all Americans face.


Pam Morris
Allstate Media Relations