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Getting Ahead

4th Quarter 2012 / Heartland Monitor Poll № 14

The 14th installment of the Heartland Monitor series reveals an American public that remains optimistic through a challenging economic recovery.

The survey also uncovers a remarkable history of upward mobility among Americans, and it sheds light on the challenges and obstacles faced by Americans in their continued efforts to “get ahead.” Americans remain steadfast in the belief that America is the “land of opportunity,” and {a solid majority} most believe they’re living the American Dream. Most are confident in their ability to reach a level of financial comfort and security in their lives, and they believe the American economy offers opportunities to get ahead for those willing to work for it. The vast majority of Americans say that, apart from some occasional ups and downs, they’ve been able to get ahead throughout their lives, and they are confident in their ability to do so into the near future.

Still, some obstacles remain in the way of Americans “getting ahead.” They question whether a college education is worth the high cost, they worry about jobs being sent overseas, and they believe the income gap between the wealthiest Americans and the Middle Class will continue to grow. These factors are fueling concern about potential opportunities for the next generation of Americans.

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