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Americans Say Hard Work and Resiliency Are the Most Important Factors in Success, Ahead of the Economy and Government Policies

DES MOINES, IA and WASHINGTON, D.C. (January 27, 2016) — The Allstate Corporation (NYSE:ALL) and National Journal today released results of the 25th Heartland Monitor Poll, which found that the majority of Americans believe determination and hard work are the critical differentiators in personal success, ahead of economic conditions and government policies.

In the midst of the political season marked by discussion about upward mobility, the poll gauged the public’s views and outlooks on a variety of topics affecting local communities across the country, such as the state of the economy, financial security, education and homeownership. It also compared sentiments to responses from earlier Heartland Monitor Polls conducted during the height of the Great Recession (2009-2011) to assess how the recovery affected important issues for Americans.

“Our latest Heartland Monitor Poll reaffirms our prevailing American values of hard work, resilience and creativity,” said Harriet K. Harty, Executive Vice President – Human Resources, Allstate Insurance Company. “We see this spirit of innovation and self-determination in the 10,000 communities we serve every day. Our country is rebuilding because individuals are taking their future into their own hands and working hard to make a good life for themselves and their families.”

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