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Homeownership and the American Dream

1st Quarter 2011 / Heartland Monitor Poll № 8

The eighth installment of the Heartland Monitor Poll illustrates an enduring belief in America and a persistent sense of optimism in Americans’ ability to achieve the American dream.

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Though the housing crisis has damaged the net worth of families, Americans believe this downturn is temporary. There is strong agreement that home ownership remains a fundamental goal in achieving the American Dream.

As other Heartland polls have shown, the recession has been a catalyst for a loss of confidence in institutions considered to be in power. Americans are more likely to blame banks and borrowers for causing the housing crisis than the government, although they do not believe government policies and action helped to limit the extent of the crisis. Americans are split as to whether the federal government should maintain a prominent role in the housing market.

Despite the recession, Americans are very likely to recommend purchasing a home to a close friend or relative. Read the National Journal editorial supplement for further information about why Americans still long for their own homes.

View the Heartland VIII data, National Journal editorial supplement, and our press release on the survey.
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