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4th Quarter 2016 / Heartland Monitor Poll № 27

After one of the most divisive elections in recent history, Americans are looking to our nation’s elected officials to put aside partisan bickering, work to solve the nation’s problems, and move the country forward.

Americans want to see investments in the nation’s future and are optimistic for the potential change the newly elected Trump administration can bring. In the tradition of our country’s storied history as the oldest continuing democracy, President-elect Trump enters office amidst renewed optimism, but at the same time tempered by a watchful eye among many Americans.

The hard-fought election underscores deep divides in the nation between key swaths of the American public – rich vs. poor, elites vs. everyday Americans, and Whites vs. minorities. While Americans believe these divides may deepen, they see a bright future on the horizon where we can come together and overcome the problems of our past, just as we have done throughout history. And the optimism is most present in Americans’ views of the direction of the country and their personal financial situation – two areas where Americans have more positive outlooks than in the last four years. They also believe the President-elect and Congress will work more together and want their elected officials to compromise to move the country forward.

President-elect Trump, however, will have to earn everything he sets out to achieve. Americans are divided on whether they trust him and Congressional Republicans or Democrats in Congress to develop solutions to the major challenges facing the country. There is also uncertainty over whether he can ultimately build a more united country. One thing is for sure, Americans are ready to see solutions and if President-elect Trump fails to deliver, his electoral honeymoon is likely to quickly subside.

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