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Work/Life Balance

4th Quarter 2014 / Heartland Monitor Poll № 21

Despite pervasive negativity about the direction the country and notwithstanding a cautious assessment of their personal finances, an overwhelming majority of Americans say they are living a good life, most are taking the time to give back to the community through activities and charitable causes, and working Americans say they are highly satisfied with their jobs and careers.

Americans have realistic and modest expectations for living a good life. Most say they don’t need to be rich, but rather they simply need to be able to provide financial security and spend time with their family. A significant majority also say that part of living a good life is giving back, doing good and helping others to live a good life.

This twenty first survey in the Heartland Monitor series takes a close look at Americans’ experiences in the workplace and explores how their employer can help them live a good life. The findings are encouraging and demonstrate that employers play a critical and central role in helping Americans make ends meet, take care of their families, realize their goals and dreams, and give back to their community.
Americans are proud of the work they do and they think very highly of their employer. That said, by more than three-to-one, Americans say they “work to live” rather than “live to work,” placing higher priority on family and personal issues than on work responsibilities.

Despite that philosophy, Americans report making significant personal sacrifices to make ends meet while balancing work responsibilities with family commitments. For many, the days of a nine-to-five job with time off for holidays, vacation, and sick leave are over. With these challenges, Americans are looking for more flexibility and more personal time, and most say they would choose a job with less pay to obtain that.

This data presents a unique opportunity for Allstate to showcase all that it does to help Americans live a good life by helping emerging families build a financial future, by supporting agency owners who give back to their communities, and by helping thousands of employees grow their careers and provide for their families.

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